At SPACEMED-X, we are fervently dedicated to enhancing human space science research and multi-planetary exploration by developing our pioneering cardiac function-enhancing drug. We believe that collaboration is the cornerstone to unveiling new frontiers and surmounting the challenges humanity faces in its endeavor to explore and inhabit the cosmos. In light of this, we warmly welcome the partnership of individuals and corporations who share our vision and mission to improve the health and well-being of those daring to journey beyond our planet.

We cordially invite you to reach out to us to explore potential partnerships, contribute your ideas, or gain a deeper understanding of our groundbreaking contributions to the realm of space medicine. By uniting our expertise and resources, we can expedite progress in space science research, bolster the well-being of astronauts and space settlers, and play a significant part in successfully expanding human civilization beyond Earth. Together, we can sculpt a path toward a more prosperous and audacious future for interstellar exploration and habitation.


JJean Wang, Ph.D.

San Diego, CA 92126